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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

NMR spectroscopy is used to study the structure of molecules in either isolation or complex mixtures. It is extremely useful when providing quantification for unknowns. Offering minimal sample preparation, non-destructive analysis and consistency for the detection and quantification of analyses; NMR has unique advantages over other methods. NMR can be used as a confirmatory tool across many disciplines as well as a valuable standalone technology for non-targeted analysis.

NMR spectroscopy is well established in the pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries, none more so than within its adoption for purity analysis, and is a growing technique in the food safety and security sectors. Our NMR results have far reaching implications for clients both financially and qualitatively, so the accuracy, consistency and rapid response of our NMR results is of paramount importance. To underpin this application our NMR platform utilises cryoprobe technology for increased sensitivity to further scrutinise samples, giving us the detail needed for accurate trend analysis across samples.

NMR offers an accurate method of chemical profiling retail products to pinpoint the effects of production modifications and/or ingredient changes. This gives our customers confidence in confirming product consistency while improving manufacturing procedures. Contamination control and authenticity is of the utmost importance for maintaining a strong brand or product. Therefore, the need for robust detection methods cannot be understated. NMR provides the perfect way to monitor products entering the food chain for accidental or deliberate contamination, leading to various uses when dealing with customer complaints or identifying the effect of food contact materials on foodstuffs.

NMR has been utilised to identify disease and biological stress compounds in plant and animal samples. It has been used to great effect to monitor and improve global food supplies, by reducing food waste from spoilage and disease. We have experience of research programmes identifying stress response metabolites in plants which have aided breeding programmes to future proof crops. These techniques have also been used to analyse biological samples to identify disease markers, such as scrapie and BSE, to highlight food safety issues from farm to fork.

The untargeted detection capabilities of our NMR platform allow us to search for unique compounds in foodstuff to highlight food fraud or confirm authenticity of samples.

Our NMR capability consists of two 500MHZ Bruker spectrometers, offering a complete chemical overview of samples. Our NMR platform is capable of analysing a range of nuclei including Hydrogen, Carbon and Phosphorous, and isotope ratio analysis.

Fera have the expertise to pinpoint any impurities within your samples, and provide the data you need to formulate a working solution.