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Fera Science Key Research Partnership with UMF®

Fera Science Key Research Partnership with UMF®

The UMFHA’s grading system is unique and unrivalled. As part of an advanced scientific programme, it is the only system that tests for the key signature compounds independently verified and proven to be found in Manuka honey. The result is a grading system that gives consumers the high level of confidence they are looking for when buying Manuka honey. The Association will be ensuring product certainty via the UMF® quality mark, using a superior grading system that harnesses international science.

Fera Science play an integral role within the UMF®, being a key research partner and providing the high calibre of testing required to ensure only high quality Manuka honey is offered to consumers worldwide.

The team at Fera undertakes research in a range of sectors using advanced analytical approaches. Dr. Adrian Charlton, a biochemist currently leading the Biochemical and Chemical Profiling team at Fera, and his colleagues are world leaders in food authentication, undertaking research and testing using molecular biology and analytical technologies such as NMR spectroscopy and high-resolution mass spectrometry. These are applied to provide a range of novel solutions to regulators and the food industry, assuring confidence in the safety and authenticity of the food chain.

Fera’s leading testing ability can highlight and quantify levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO), Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Hydroxymethylfurfural(HMF) within your Manuka honey samples.

These tests can be offered both as an accurate analysis of these individual chemical levels, or as an overall quantification of your Manuka honey, reliably informing the UMFHA grading system.

Fera is the only laboratory in UK to be the preferred partner by the UMF® Honey Association as an official testing laboratory for independently verifying the UMF® rating of Manuka honey.

In addition to these Manuka specific tests Fera offer additional testing services such as sugar addition analysis, Veterinary Medicine and Pesticide Residue Analysis, and Verification of geographical origin.  Our testing ability can allow you to ensure only high quality products are offered to the consumer to maintain your valuable reputation across this iconic food product.

To learn more about Fera's honey testing capabilities click here.