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Fera Customer Survey

Many thanks to our customers and potential customers who completed the recent Knowledge Solutions survey. The results will be carefully analysed and used to improve our service to you. If you have requested any further information you will hear from us in the next few weeks.

The winners of the prize draw are:

  • John Marshall – United Kingdom
  • Nick Rainsley – United Kingdom
  • Peter Parr – United Kingdom

Congratulations. They have each won £150 towards a Knowledge Solution after entering the draw at the end of the survey.

Contact Knowledge Solutions

For further information on any of these Knowledge Solutions products, including how to arrange a week's free trial, please contact the Knowledge Solutions helpdesk on 0300 100 0320 or email to discuss your requirements.

Knowledge Solutions

Knowledge Solutions

Collecting, managing and exploiting information for improved decision making across the Agri-food supply chain

Fera Knowledge Solutions are a unique suite of online tools to support decision making across the Agri-food supply chain. Our products are designed to help you manage and mitigate risks, protecting your brands and your customers. In developing these tools we have drawn upon our extensive knowledge of food safety and authoritative sources of data to give you easy access to the information you need.

To help you decide which of our Knowledge Solutions is most appropriate to your needs we have provided a product choice table below. The table identifies key areas of concern, and highlights the most appropriate online decision support tool for you. All of our Knowledge Solutions are online, requiring no special equipment or software; all you need to make confident decisions about product integrity is an internet connection, a PC and a web browser.

Product Pesticide approvals + EAMUs (SOLAs) Pesticide label informtion Pesticide MRLs Veterinary drugs MRLs Food safety issues Food Contaminants Pesticide residue testing data Legislation Food Fraud "Your issue here" Regions covered
HorizonScan             Global
FC24         Europe
LIAISON               UK
Homologa               Global
Rapport                 UK
Bespoke systems Global