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Chemical Surveillance of Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines

Farmers worldwide use more than two million tons of chemical pesticides each year. Whilst each pesticide is assessed by Regulators (and are regarded as safe when used correctly) they can make their way into a land, water and air source, and, in some cases when used incorrectly, have the potential to affect the whole ecosystem, as well as being harmful to human health. As a consequence, the concentrations of pesticides in food and animal feed are strictly controlled.

veterinary medicines residues, chemical surveillance, targeted and non targeted analysis, legislation, safety, efficacy, pesticides

Food producers are responsible for the safety and quality of their products. To protect your business and minimise the risk of negative health impacts, you need to comply with the relevant guidelines and standards for minimising levels of harmful pesticides in the food chain and the environment. For such a critical service, you need a partner you can trust to deliver precise, quality results. Being the National Reference Laboratory for pesticides residues gives you the confidence that we will provide you with reliable, accurate testing results, ensuring the quality and safety of your products and processes and ultimately safeguarding the image of your brand.

A similar situation also exists for veterinary medicines residues. The regulatory controls on veterinary medicines continue after the pre-authorisation and authorisation phases, when products are placed on market. These controls include restrictions on the supply and use of some products, depending on their classification. Controls also include the continued monitoring of safety and efficacy of veterinary medicines and the national statutory surveillance programme for residues in food from animals. Animal medicines for food producing animals are strictly controlled by UK and EU regulatory legislation and recording of all medicines bought and administered on the farm is a mandatory requirement. This ensures consumers are provided with safe food from animals when medicines are used, farmers and vets must observe the withdrawal period for all medicines. This scientifically assessed time period, which includes large safety margins, ensures that any residues that may be present have depleted to levels below the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL), meaning animal products are safe to consume. Fera is the National Reference Laboratory for Veterinary Medicines Residues and has been carrying out residue testing for over 30 years, providing services across the food supply chain. Our experience is such that we know what to look for in any given foodstuff so can help you identify an appropriate testing regime for your animal-based food ingredients and products, ultimately safeguarding the image of your brand.

veterinary medicines residues, chemical surveillance, targeted and non targeted analysis, legislation, safety, efficacy, pesticides

Our scientists and regulatory experts, who have more than 30 years' experience in food chemical surveillance testing are able to deliver cost effective analytical data, regulatory guidance and documentation to achieve compliance for your food and so help you to strengthen your advantage in the marketplace, making Fera the ideal partner when you need that expertise to meet pesticides and veterinary medicines' requirements.

veterinary medicines residues, chemical surveillance, targeted and non targeted analysis, legislation, safety, efficacy, pesticides

Fera, CIEL and Raft Solutions will be exhibiting at the World Buiatrics Congress on Stand B3 held in Dublin on 3rd - 8th July 2016 launching a new 'Lab to Livestock' service, which is partnership between Fera Science Limited, CIEL and Raft Solutions, who together have over six decades of combined experience in livestock research trials to GLP standards and passionate about enhancing animal health and enriching lives. The World Buiatrics Congress is recognised as the "Olympic Games of conferences" for people who study cattle.

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So to speak with us about our services, please contact our recognised experts Dr Chris Sinclair on +44 (0)300 100 0324 or e-mail us at

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or Dr Matthew Sharman on +44 (0)300 100 0324 or e-mail us at

From Lab to Livestock

A new exciting environmental assessment service for product registrations is now available. A partnership between Fera, CIEL and RAFT combines over six decades of experience in livestock and veterinary medicine research to GLP standards.

We can offer the following studies;

  • Network of phenotype forms for trial work and sampling
  • Specialist CRO team with a passion for animal health
  • Trusted supplier with the full range of experience in veterinary medicine

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World Buiatrics Congress (Dublin 2016)

Fera, CIEL and RAFT Solutions will be launching their new 'Lab to Livestock' service to help improve the health and performance of animals and secure a safer, more abundant food supply.

For more details about World Buiatrics Congress click here

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Fera, CIEL and RAFT Solutions are recognised experts in their fields and working in partnership can offer a tailored service which is true end-to-end that develops and delivers products that are fit for major and minor livestock species. Fera is the UK National Reference Laboratory for Veterinary Medicines in Food.

Telephone: +44 (0)300 100 0324

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