Food Labelling Claims


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    Food Labelling Claims

    Go Beyond the 'Clean Label'

    There is a continuous shift towards transparency in the food world, in what many call the 'clean label' movement. This focuses on using fewer ingredients and also being very clear about their origins. Many household brands are adding their support to this movement. This broad trend has enabled technology-driven transparency about products and their supply chains and 'Millennials', who are regularly demanding higher standards from their suppliers. But Millennial consumers aren't the only ones driving the transparency train. All generations have access to more technology and businesses are raising the bar on what they expect from their supply chains. So let us help you in the challenge for greater transparency helping you to answer tough questions like;

    • What is every ingredient in your product, why is it there,
      and what does it do, exactly?

    gelatine speciation, gelspec, meat speciation, origin of animal products, halal

    Today's consumers are always looking for more in terms of information. They want to know what is in their food and drink, not just what isn't. The trend towards clean labels is clear - and in turn this means natural ingredients, like Gelatine are now becoming more an essential component of food and beverage products - today the global gelatine (such as weight management products) to its pure technological properties. Our new GelSpec service uses LC-MS/MS - which detects multiple tryptic peptides as markers for confirmation - to identify the gelatine peptides from different species. Using a large suite of peptide biomarkers of origin, our newly developed and tested method is the most comprehensive service on the market in order to determine the animal origin of a finished gelatine or gelatine-based product. The method is based on High Sensitivity Accurate Mass Spectrometric analysis of pepitides in the products. We then use a large proprietary database of mass spectrometry data, which has been developed over a number of years in order to specify the animal of origin (ruminant or porcine).

    gelatine speciation, gelspec, meat speciation, origin of animal products, halal, ms, mass spectrometry, NMR

    This gelatine identification method is more comprehensive than any current published techniques. This method is incredibly accurate in identifying the origins of the gelatine using high resolution, high sensitivity mass spectrometry to detect minute differences in amino acid sequence of the gelatine protein from different species, vital for accidental or fraudulent blending of animal products from different species, detecting gelatine in mixtures down to 0.5% (w/w) or less.

    Consultancy - if you have questions about gelatine speciation, further development, market acceptance or the regulatory environment, please contact us. Our business is made up of senior scientists who have broad and deep experience and scientific expertise in the authenticity arena who can advise about analyses to support your products.

    To speak with us about our services, or for any services not listed, please contact the sales team

    T: + 44 (0)300 100 0323 | E:

    GelSpec - Gelatine Speciation Service

    A new exciting gelatine species determination and identification service is now available. Using a large number of peptide biomarkers of animal origin, GelSpec is more comprehensive than other methods.

    • Build consumer trust with accurate product labelling
    • Vital for the growing Halal and Kosher markets
    • Offer greater transparency to detect accidental and fraudulent blending of meat and animal products from different species

    Telephone: +44 (0)300 100 0323


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