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Halal Proficiency Testing

The global halal industry is estimated to be worth around USD2.3 trillion (excluding Islamic finance) which is growing at an estimated annual rate of 20%, making industry valued at about USD560 billion a year. Thus, making it one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the world. The global halal market of 1.8 billion Muslims is no longer confined to food and food related products. The halal industry has now expanded beyond the food sector to include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, toiletries and medical devices as well as service sector components such as logistics, marketing, print and electronic media, packaging, branding, and financing.

halal proficiency testing, pork, alcohol

So in recognisation of this market demand and to offer the industry a way to add in trust and certification of traceability to a product being certified Halal. Fapas will launch 3 new Halal PT schemes which offer the ability of detection to extremely low levels within Pork & Alcohol with many more Halal PT schemes to follow in due course. Fapas are leading the way in developing new and exciting innovations in the testing methods for Halal products.

Halal PT Schemes

Since its inception in 1997 Fapas has distributed 33 drinking water simulated contamination exercises that have over the years produced a wealth of useful analytical information. Results obtained and the lessons learned by participants have helped and will continue to help laboratories to produce clear analytical strategies for dealing with emergency sample incidents.

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Case Study - Why use Proficiency Testing?

Case Study - Global Manufacturer

  • Network Wide Proficiency testing tailored made to your customer needs
  • Team of experts on hand to provide impartial advice & trends
  • Bespoke reporting

Fapas Customer Journey - Adding Value to your Business

Fapas Customer Journey

  • Quality Controls carried out on test materials
  • Constant review of submitted & statistical results from technical & external viewpoints
  • 100 year heritage & customer historial trends to aid indepth analysis

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The Growing Demand For Halal Testing

Mark Sykes reports on the increasing demand for Halal certification and proficiency testing around the world as demand for Halal products soars.

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