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Allergen Reference Material

The application of reference materials in analytical chemistry for quality control purposes is well recognised and highly recommended by many international and professional bodies across the world. However, certain reference materials have been lacking in their availability or applicability and this has definitely been true of allergens reference materials - until now.

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Allergen Reference Material

Analysis of allergens in foodstuffs is generally carried out by ELISA kits. These are quick, easy to use and inexpensive. They also universally suffer a major drawback – that the results from one ELISA kit cannot be compared to another. The food testing industry, for many years, has been crying out for appropriate allergens reference materials. Fapas, the proficiency testing arm of Fera, has now produced our first allergens reference materials. The allergens are for gluten, egg and milk in a base matrix of cake mix.

How do Fapas Allergen Reference Materials Work?

The reference materials are provided as a pair of materials. Each material can be used on its own against a number of defined ELISA kits, for which reference values and their uncertainties are provided on the datasheet. The reference values are valid only for the named ELISA kit and this does not constitute recommendation, endorsement or promotion for that ELISA kit manufacturer. However, a number of ELISA kits (and non-immuno assay methods) will not have associated reference values. This is the advantage of the Fapas reference materials working as a pair. In addition to the ELISA kit reference values, there is a characterised ratio of the allergen content between the two materials. This provides a relative response reference point derived from both the known preparation of the materials and the measured ratio of analytical results. The ratio of allergens in the two materials will provide an indication of the expected linear response for any given method. This allows the user to estimate the relative response factors for their own method against the reference materials and the values defined for the named ELISA kits.

  • Our reference material are produced according to the principles of ISO Guide 34
  • Our reference values are derived from the results consensus of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories
  • Stability of the reference materials has been established from a formal study

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To speak with us about our new Allergen Reference Materials, please contact our customer team on:

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New Allergens Reference Material

The challenge of producing Allergen Reference Materials is over. Fapas proudly announce the launch of this new service. The first matrix to be produced is commercial cake mix manufactured to be gluten-free, egg-free and milk-free, blended with ingredients known to contain gluten, egg and milk. The reference material comes in two parts so that a relative comparison can be made between methods.

  • Reference Material has been produced according to the principles of ISO Guide 34
  • Reference values derived from the results consensus of ISO 17025 accredited labs
  • Stability of the reference material has been established from a formal study

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