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Veterinary Medicines

Veterinary Medicines

Reducing risk and ensuring safety is our vision af Fera underpinned with decades of experience. We have a wide range of services to help you in the potential to improve animal health, so partnering with a trusted supplier with expertise in veterinary medicine will help you in the development of veterinary pharmaceutical, technical and food products. From our more desk based preliminary risk assessments which are invaluable for designing Phase 2 experimental testing programmes and the early identification of issues to the more comprehensive experimental investigations we carry out in Phase 2 understanding of animal health to our environmental fate modelling, you can feel confident that Fera will help you secure the potential of your products.

Our services and capabilities include:

Complete phase II environmental risk assessment laboratory services Environmental risk assessment consultancy
  • Gap analysis and acceptability of published and historical data
  • Phase I assessment
  • Phase II study monitoring
  • Communication of ERA status during development
  • Preparation of expert reports/risk assessments
  • FOCUS surface water and groundwater modelling
  • Risk based groundwater assessments
  • Liaison with regulator
  • Development of risk mitigation measures
  • Risk-benefit analysis
Residue and metabolism services

Tailored Made - Bespoke Environmental Risk Solutions

At Fera we also offer a range of bespoke studies using our trusted analytical capability to perform studies with radiolabelled or non-radiolabelled test items, giving our customers more flexibility to their ERA approach ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. As more parent associated metabolite fate studies are required, we have the expertise to tailor the design of the standard OECD studies to meet specific customer needs by adapting the test matrix, design and analysis to suit the analyte in question. Our team of experts support you through the entire regulatory process giving our customers more options to their risk assessment as well as the confidence in asking any questions about compound formulation to regulator queries regarding submitted risk assessments.

Want to know more

  • Fera is the National Reference Laboratory for Medicines Residues, Pesticides, Dioxins/Furans, PCBs and PAHs in feed and chemicals in food.
  • Forefront of regulatory exposure modelling
  • Unparallel experience in environmetal modelling & risk assessment for Veterinary Medicines and Pesticides
  • Competitive turnaround and pricing
  • To speak with us about our veterinary medicines services, please contact the chemicals team on +44 (0)1904 462514 or e-mail us at

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    T: +44 (0)300 100 0324

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    National Reference Laboratory for Vet Meds

    We are the National Reference Laboratory for Veterinary Medicines

    • Residues, Pesticides, Dioxins,PCBs in feed and chemicals in food
    • High Quality Assessment & timely registration of your VMPs
    • Lower & Higher tier risk assessments available