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Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Fera offer a wide range of GLP compliant terrestrial effect studies in support of product development, innovation and registration for the plant protection and veterinary medicinal industries.

Our expert team of scientist has extensive experience in conducting studies with non-target plants, arthropods and soil organisms, under laboratory, glasshouse or semi-field conditions.

Studies are carried out in line with the current international guidelines and guidance documents or when requested using bespoke or adapted test design to meet specific data requirements. This is a selection of our most common studies. Other study types are available on request including Bee Ecotoxology Here.

Non-Target Plants

We regularly carry out routine and complex studies including:

  • OECD 208: Seedling emergence and seedling growth test
  • OECD 208 (modified): Extended plant test with a more realistic exposure scenario for veterinary medicinal products via manure
  • OECD 227: Vegetative vigour test
  • Bespoke: Seed treatment dissipation and uptake studies carried out under laboratory, glasshouse or semi field conditions.

Non Target Arthropods

Laboratory, Extended laboratory and Aged-residue studies conducted to IOBC/WPRS and OECD Guidelines can be conducted on the following species:

  • Typhlodromus pyri (Predatory mite)
  • Aphidius rhopalosiphi (Parasitic wasp)
  • Chrysoperla carnea (Green lacewing)
  • Coccinella septempunctata (Ladybird)
  • Aleochara bilineata (Rove beetle)
  • Pardosa spp. (Wolf spider)
  • Poecilus cupreus (Carabid beetle)

Soil Organisms

  • OECD 207 / 222: Earthworm acute toxicity and reproduction test
  • OECD 216: Nitrogen transformation test

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Fera can support our partners with our new end-to-end offer which will provide you with a complete service to get your chemicals REACH registered. Our regulatory specialists and scientists are highly experienced in working through the challenges of REACH and can help you addressing requests from the authorities if your REACH registered substances have been chosen for.

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