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Regulatory Studies

We offer a wide range of regulatory studies including those shown below, and with our strong track record in each we can meet the high standards of testing you are looking for.

Analytical Chemistry

Our risk assessment services are supported by our extensive GLP-compliant analytical chemistry capability.

With over 100 analytical chemists and over 50 mass spectrometers, our state of the art laboratories are extremely well equipped with modern, sophisticated analytical instrumentation

Aquatic Ecotoxicology

We offer two tiers of testing including algal growth inhibition tests and fish testing. All of our Aquatic Toxicology Testing is available with full GLP compliance.

Bee Ecotoxicology

We are at the forefront of current bee testing. We have many years of experience in running GLP compliant tests to assess the risks posed by plant protection products to bees. We are active participants in many testing method working groups and ring tests.

Efficacy Trials and Testing

Fera is 'Officially Recognised' (Certificate Number 'ORETO 134') as being competent to carry out efficacy trials/tests in the United Kingdom within agriculture/horticulture, stored crops and vertebrate control.

Environmental Fate

We have state of the art analytical capability to perform the studies including Adsorption/Desorption Using a Batch Equilibrium Method and Leaching in Soil Columns, among others.

In Silico Predictive Toxicology (INSPECT)

We offer In silico predictive toxicology and ecotoxicology services providing an alternative to chemical safety testing in animals.

Livestock Metabolism

Fera is your perfect partner for GLP compliant livestock metabolism and residue studies with radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled chemicals. Investigations into absorption and excretion can also be included in such studies.

Operator and Worker Exposure

We can conduct GLP-compliant operator and worker exposure studies to assess dermal and inhalation exposure to chemicals in field situations.

Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Fera offer a wide range of GLP compliant terrestrial effect studies in support of product development, innovation and registration for the plant protection and veterinary medicinal industries.

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The SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting is dedicated to the use of multidisciplinary approaches to examine the impacts of stressors, chemicals, and technology on the environment. Also, to support the development of principles and practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity. Join us at 27th Annual SETAC EUROPE BRUSSELS 2017

Pesticide Usage Survey - FROM DATA TO ACTION

Big data is the latest competitive advantage for businesses. Data is now woven into every industry and function across the global economy. The use of 'BIG DATA' will become the basis of competition and growth for businesses by enhancing the productivity and creating significant value for global economy with waste reduction and increased quality of products and services.

  • Businesses that early adopt 'Big Data' leverages data to determine how the products are actually used in the real world
  • Perform Risk Analysis


Want to know about Pesticide Usage Surveys?

Plant Uptake Studies ebook

Fera can support our partners by performing plant uptake studies to refine chemical exposure assessments. This service provides our partners with more options to reduce chemical risk, by bringing together radiochemistry, plant growth & modelling knowledge to support chemical regulatory assessments.

Download our Plant Uptake Studies ebook today

Case Study - Low Solubility (Water Sediment Study)

Fera can support our partners with the legal nature of the REACH authorisation process. Our latest case study illustrates a robust tailored study design that not only incorporated regulatory requirements, but also ensured the analytical challenges posed by the plasticizer were considered.

Download our Case Study on Low Solubility

Aquatic Ecotoxicology Capabilities

Fera can support our partners with an increasing testing capability in aquatic ecotoxicology for environmental risk assessments. All of our Aquatic Toxicology Testing is available with full GLP compliance.

Download our Latest Aquatic Ecotoxicology Leaflet