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Insect Monitoring Service

Each year insects cause significant damage to crops through virus transmission or feeding damage. Understanding the risks to your crops allows you to make informed decisions on when to treat your crops and to be more targeted with your pest management. Fera's Insect Monitoring Service helps potato, salad, carrot and winter oil seed rape growers to increase yield whilst reducing costs.

Our insect monitoring service can help you make pest control decisions:

Show good quality and environmental management practice to your customer.

Demonstrate to your customers a commitment to quality management practices and your environmental responsibility.

Save time and money with more targeted pesticide applications, increasing yield and quality

Understand when your crops are at risk allowing you to make informed decisions on spray timing.

Allows more targeted crop management

Insect monitoring provides you with the information you need to assess virus transmission risk specifically for your field. This allows you to target your crop management, reducing virus transmission risk and manage insecticide resistance over time.

Informed decision making - benefits for you

Insect monitoring provides you with the information you need to assess the risk of virus transmission specifically for your field. You can use this information in a number of ways to help you to reduce virus transmission and increase the value of your crop:

  • Reduce and better target aphicide applications saving you money and time
  • Demonstrate good management practices helping you meet your customers' needs
  • Optimally time haulm destruction to preserve the value of your crop
  • Assess the potential of home-saved seed potatoes and maximise profit the following year

Fast results for targeted inputs

We send you all the equipment that is needed, including water trap, sample pots and return envelopes. It takes just a few minutes to collect the sample. Your results, including a cumulative risk index, are sent to you by email or fax - your choice. You will receive your results the same day we receive your sample. Costs per site are around £280 for a ten week growing season.

Seed potato growers, carrot growers and salad growers in the UK and Europe are benefiting from our service year after year by making decisions based on results for their own fields.

We also provide the national yellow water trap aphid monitoring programme in seed potatoes for AHDB Potatoes. You can find more information via their Online Toolbox.

Download an order form

For OSR crops use our Insect Monitoring in OSR order form

For carrot or parsnip crops use our Insect Monitoring in Carrots and Parsnips order form

For all other crops use our Insect Monitoring order form

Insect Monitoring Price List


Why not download our latest price list on Insect Monitoring - it's not just limited to Oil Seed Rape, but can also be used for seed potato, carrot, salad and pea growers across the UK to mitigate these risks with a more targeted approach to pest management.

Download here

Plant Clinic Price List 2016/7

Download the latest brochure here Plant Clinic Price List 2016/7 brochure

  • Specific Tests - Bacterial, Virus, Nematodes, GM, Mixed, Pest & Fungal
  • Bespoke Consultancy Service - personal approach designed for you
  • Extensive range of experts & suite of data insight online tools
  • Coming Soon - New Online Portal you can book in your samples at a time that suits you for a faster, more convenient experience
  • CHANGES - our invoicing process is changing from 1 Feb 2017. When we receive your sample we will send you an invoice, which will confirm your order


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