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GIS, Remote Sensing and UAV Services

Surveillance for your Business Needs

Fera's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is ideally suited for deployment in agriculture, forestry, quarrying, open mining and construction environments. We offer tailored solutions using our extensive experience in photogrammetry, image processing and image/GIS analysis to satisfy specific client requirements.

We combine cutting edge UAV and sensor technology with years of scientific expertise, providing our clients with a unique set of services that meet their project requirements. The UAV is a tool for our remote sensing and GIS scientists to capture bespoke aerial imagery within and beyond the visible spectrum. The power of this data is in the analysis and by using specialist image processing and interpretation software Fera scientists can extract valuable information from the imagery. Recent project requirements include:

  • Counting individual crops within field during initial emergence for harvest yield estimates
  • Locating tree species in a pest or disease outbreak scenario
  • Highly accurate 3D limestone quarry survey for stockpile volume estimates and extension planning
  • Crop stress mapping - agronomy survey targeting

UAV, drones, 3d data capture, crop stress, mapping

Why use Fera's UAV?

Fera's UAV provides you with enhanced tools to capture, quantify and understand your area of survey. Our aerial solutions aim to make your decision-making quicker and easier, saving you time and money. Fera's ongoing research and development means that we are the perfect partner to help you keep up to date with the latest aerial and satellite survey technology.

Fera's UAV service goes beyond simply supplying you with imagery data. We will work with you to explore your requirements, use our UAV to collect the necessary data and then analyse and process the data in order to get the information you require. The final data can be shared out to you in a number of ways. We can provide the raw data, hard or soft copy maps highlighting output information, produce raster and/or vector GIS files or present the data as a web application that you can log onto and interact with your data directly.

Below is an example web application showing true colour imagery data collected over Heights Quarry, County Durham.

UAV Features and benefits

  • Longer flight duration at higher speeds - this dramatically increases the amount of imagery that can be acquired during a single flight when compared to rotary UAV's.
  • Multiple sensor payload - This allows us to capture natural colour and near infrared imagery simultaneously and means we are able to capture more imagery data in a single flight than other UAV's that only carry a single sensor.
  • Detailed identification of vegetation stress - Crop or tree inspections can be targeted saving time and money when compared to walking a field or woodland.
  • Very high image resolution capture - Between 2.5 cm to 5cm depending on the height at which the UAV is flown. This high imagery resolution makes it ideal for identifying features on the ground.
  • 3D elevation data capture - Using photogrammetry, height elevation of the surface flown over is captured which means we are able to do highly accurate 3D and well as 2D mapping.
  • 3D site flythrough production - Using the surface height data we are able to create detailed 3D models and flythroughs to display your data in a different dimension to standard 2D maps.
  • Automated flight programming - Ensures the UAV captures all the required imagery data over the site in the most efficient way.
  • Repeatable mission options - Enable Fera to fly the same area and monitor change over time.

Quality and safety are paramount to Fera's UAV operations. Fera have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for aerial work and all surveys are undertaken by fully qualified UAV pilots. Our accredited pilots are also skilled in both Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This allows the team to talk to customers and find out what their end goal requirements are, before flying, processing and analysing the imagery to deliver focused results in line with customer needs.

Find out more about how we operate and conduct UAV surveys

UAV Case Studies

Potato Crop Counts - Fera have worked closely with Strawsons Ltd to investigate the use of the Fera fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in estimating potato yields.

High Resolution Imagery - Fera have collected high resolution imagery (≤5cm resolution) for Heights Quarry, County Durham.

Tree Species Identification - Fera have used multispectral imagery collected by a UAV to identify different tree species within a woodland to assist the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) with their tree inspections.

We have the aerial science solution for you, whether it be for planning and development in construction, crop surveillance in agriculture, calculating stockpile density for land management, species identification in forestry or a wide range of other uses.

Want to know more about Fera UAV?

Please contact the Business Development team on +44 (0)1904 465731 or e-mail us at

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Spatial Services

In a modern world with global positioning systems, satellite navigation and smartphones, being able to locate a place, person or object on the surface of the earth to within a few metres, even a few centimetres has become routine. In line with the growth of these technologies, the spatial component of business data has grown in importance, and the ability to use location as part of Business Intelligence processes has been the key to making successful decisions by the largest companies in the world.

Fera scientists make extensive use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and geographic analysis throughout the business, allowing them to visualise, analyse and interpret data in a spatial manner to understand relationships, patterns and trends. These projects are supported by Fera's team of highly skilled GIS specialists who are able to provide innovative and bespoke ways of meeting project requirements for spatial analysis using the latest spatial analysis software products and methods.

Fera offer a wide range of spatial services including:

  • Data capture and conversion
  • Spatial analysis
  • Data management
  • Spatial data modelling
  • Spatial statistics
  • Data processing
  • Cartography
  • Web mapping
  • Mobile GPS data collection
  • 3D visualisations

Want to know more about our Spatial Services?

Please contact the Business Development team on +44 (0)1904 465731 or e-mail us at

Remote Sensing Services

Fera's Remote Sensing team has a high degree of knowledge and expertise in advanced remote sensing techniques. Fera has a proven track record in working with remotely sensed data from a range of satellite sensors and UAV imagery collected using Fera's own fixed-wing UAV.

Fera's Remote Sensing services include the following applications:

  • Satellite, aerial and UAV Imagery Interpretation and Classification
  • Multispectral, hyperspectral, Radar and LiDAR imagery processing, correction and classification
  • Land cover classifications
  • Tree species classification
  • Agricultural mapping and stress detection
  • Mining and construction surveying

Want to know more about our Remote Sensing services?

Please contact the Business Development team on +44 (0)1904 465731 or e-mail us at

Meet the Team

Dr Andrew Crowe PhD

Senior Spatial Data Scientist

Andrew is part of Fera's Sustainable Agriculture and Environment group, where his main interest is the collection and analysis of geographic information to support agricultural and environmental monitoring. Andrew's recent work has focussed on supporting economic valuations of ecosystem services and estimating stocks of natural capital, while his current focus is around the development of remote sensing, in-field data capture and web-based technologies for agricultural monitoring.

Paul Brown MSc

GI Remote Sensing Scientist

Paul is a GI Remote Sensing Scientist at Fera with an extensive range of experience in Remote Sensing, Image Processing and GIS analysis. Leading and contributing to an assortment of projects including; UAV tree species classification for inspection targeting, agricultural land cover mapping for Defra, a temporal palm tree health study in Mozambique and individual crop counting from UAV data for future yield estimating. Prior to joining Fera in early 2014 Paul has worked for Airbus Defence & Space, gaining a wealth of experience from a broad variety of Remote Sensing and GIS consultancy projects. Paul is also a CAA-approved commercial UAV operator.

Lee Butler MSc, CGeog (GIS), FRGS

GIS Specialist

Lee's background is in GIS, spatial data analysis and cartography and he has been working in the geospatial field for over 10 years. Lee is a Chartered Geographer, specialising in GIS and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. His recent work at Fera has focused on developing a mobile data collection solution for field workers using hand held GPS devices, smartphones and tablets. Lee's current focus is around the use of web mapping and web applications for the dissemination of imagery and spatial data. Lee is also a CAA-approved commercial UAV operator.

Taking you to new heights

Latest Brochure for Fera's UAV Technology

  • Remote sensing and GIS 2D/3D mapping
  • Knowledge-led surveillance and inspection technology, helping you to make better informed decisions

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Paul Brown

Tel: +44 (0)1904 465731


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  • Very high image resolution capture combined with longer flight duration compared to rotary UAV's
  • Automated flight programming and repeatable mission options

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