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Aerial Survey Solutions

Obtain detailed survey data about your site.

From UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), manned aerial and satellite image acquisition to cutting edge analysis and image processing, we provide our customers with scientific data delivered online in a visual and intuitive format.

Our UAV service goes beyond simply supplying you with imagery data. Our experienced scientists will work closely with you to create a combination of imagery, advanced remote sensing and GIS analysis techniques specific to your project needs. We derive the most useful data from the imagery allowing you to gain a deeper insight into your site.

Fera's UAV is ideally suited for deployment in the following environments. Click on an image below to find out more.

Fera have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for aerial work.

All our surveys are undertaken by fully qualified UAV pilots. We can provide the quality you need to action the detailed analysis we can provide.

Fera's UAV solution features:

Multiple sensor payload

Our UAV is equipped with a twin sensor payload, capturing natural colour and near infrared imagery simultaneously in a single flight. More imagery equals more data and more informed decision making.

Expert image processing, analysis and classification

Fera's Remote Sensing and GIS team have the skills, knowledge, experience and software to derive the important information contained within remotely sensed imagery specific to your project.

Very high image resolution capture

The Fera UAV can capture imagery at a resolution between 2.5cm to 5cm depending on the height at which the UAV is flown.

3D elevation data capture

Using photogrammetry the Fera UAV also derives height data over the surface it is flown which can be turned onto highly accurate 3D mapping. Calculate accurate stockpile volumes for storing aggregate, asphalt, coal, wood, chips or anything else on site.

Detailed identification of vegetation stress

Crop or tree inspections can be targeted saving time, money and preventing loss when compared to walking a field or woodland. We can scientifically assess operations and the environmental impact on site or the surrounding area.

Web based data deployment

The final imagery and data are deployed to tailor-made web application hosted by Fera, allowing you to view, interact and interrogate the data over the web on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Automated flight programming

Helps ensure the UAV captures all the imagery you need in the most efficient way meaning you receive the best results from your investment.

Repeatable mission options

Compare and monitor your site over time, plan quarry or mine extensions, new build location or pre-development site assessment. Our repeat mission option covers this with pre-programmable flights.

3D site flythrough production

Surface height data allows for creation of detailed 3D models and flythroughs, so your data can be displayed in a different dimension to standard 2D maps providing greater insight.

Longer flight duration at higher speeds

Our fixed wing UAV is able to fly faster and for a longer period of time than rotary UAVs, dramatically increasing the amount of imagery you receive from a single flight.

CAA approved UAV pilots

Our UAV pilots hold a remote pilot qualification, have public liability insurance and have Permissions for Aerial Work for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Taking you to new heights

Latest Brochure for Fera's UAV Technology

  • Remote sensing and GIS 2D/3D mapping
  • Knowledge-led surveillance and inspection technology, helping you to make better informed decisions

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Latest Video for Fera's UAV Technology

  • Very high image resolution capture combined with longer flight duration compared to rotary UAV's
  • Automated flight programming and repeatable mission options

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Tel: +44 (0)1904 465731


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