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Crop Monitor

Informing Key Decisions

CropMonitor™: a comprehensive risk resource for growers

Wide-ranging coverage of key threats

The CropMonitor™ website contains resources to benefit all cereals farmers, whatever varieties they choose to grow. In the case of winter wheat, for example, we provide data and risk analysis for five fungal pathogens of economic significance, including Septoria tritici and brown rust.

Tools and information

  • Live monitoring of untreated crops at sites across England provides real-time updates on disease incidences throughout the growing season.
  • For the longer term, extensive National Surveys provide year by year measures of disease prevalence.
  • A news feed offers expert analysis and risk forecasts as a basis for decisions on how best to sustain a healthy crop during the months ahead.

A versatile interface between crop scientists and growers

The launch of an acclaimed smartphone app in 2011 saw CropMonitor™ gain even more versatility. Farmers and agronomists can also choose to receive updates via e-mail, SMS or Twitter.

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A UK-wide approach to measuring risk

In order to identify risks, we need to know the current geographical distributions of pathogens, and we also need to understand the mechanisms by which they spread. For these purposes, Fera is in a unique position to collect, collate and interpret large sets of data. Data collection takes place at several sites across the UK, and is made possible by Fera's extensive network of collaborations. Information is disseminated online via CropMonitor™, which provides growers and agronomists with a range of risk tools, reports and alerts.

New features for 2016/17

In autumn 2016, CropMonitor™ will expand to form the core monitoring platform for the SMART Decision Support Unit which is part of the new Crop Health and Protection Centre (CHAP). The new unit will deliver services to reduce uncertainty on pest and disease risks allowing growers to maximise yield whilst reducing costs of inputs.

Features include:

  • An extended network of 30 sites to monitor untreated varieties of wheat and oilseed rape in 2016 with barley introduced in 2017
  • Monitoring of crops for both pests and diseases
  • A met station plus insect and spore traps at each site to gather data for development of new risk forecasting models
  • Automated spore traps for pathogen detection introduced from 2017 onwards
  • Monitoring of pests and diseases in potato crops using an agronomist network
  • Sampling of 300 commercially managed wheat and 100 oilseed rape crops to monitor fungicide and insecticide resistance status
  • Additional weather data and forecasting capability provided by the Met Office
  • Updated and expanded interactive website and app
  • Reports from participatory networks including regional agronomists providing alerts on emerging issues.
  • National and regional risks available via free access
  • Tiered subscription service based on breadth of forecasts required

Contact Us

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