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Detection Technologies

The team is dedicated to the development of technologies that enable stakeholders to make decisions across the agri-food chain and in the environment. Our interest is in the application of generic solutions such as PCR, isothermal amplification and next generation sequencing techniques. In particular we have considerable expertise in developing diagnostics for front line use.

We work with growers, agronomists and Defra developing methods to enable better detect of plant pathogens in propagation material, soil, water and air. Early detection of pathogens in crops enables us to initiate control measures much earlier, preventing spread and reducing the impact of disease.

We work with producers and retailers developing methods to enable the monitoring of origins and authenticity of products to help prevent fraud. We use whole genome sequencing techniques to allow us to trace the source of pathogens in the food chain.

In the environmental area we are interested in eDNA techniques and how they can be used for broad range surveillance and monitoring of individual organisms and communities of organisms, from the perspective of improved and efficient monitoring but also understanding how communities of micro-organisms interact with each other and hosts to impact disease.